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  • Today, a few large technology companies, run by a few men, control how Americans consume media. Big Tech makes the devices that take us online, and the apps and platforms we use to interact there.
  • Big Tech decides which media we are allowed to see, and increasingly they also create that media. Even traditional media is being taken over by the titans of tech: Google, Apple, and Netflix are now spending billions producing original movies and TV shows. The rise of “Big Tech” has impacted media and, subsequently through the media, impacted politics and culture.
  • While enriching our lifestyles, Big Tech also shrinks our choices. Facebook and Twitter determine the kind of content we’re allowed to share with friends; Amazon determines what kinds of books become popular; Google determines what we find when we search.
  • As the Wall Street Journal reported, in the U.S., 95 percent of young adults use at least one Facebook product, about 90 percent of Web searches are on Google, and 75 percent of book sales and almost half of all e-commerce sales are on Amazon. Together, Google and Apple supply 99 percent of mobile phone operating systems, and Apple and Microsoft provide 95 percent of desktop computer operating systems.
  • In the social media space, Facebook for social networking and Twitter for microblogging are monopolies, and the Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp have more than five times as many users as competitor platforms.
  • Big Tech firms are headquartered in a few locales along two slivers of the nation, nestled within a handful of zip codes where the residents vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party. Is it any wonder the content these companies produce and the information they push to consumers are biased in a left-wing direction?
  • In 2016, Hillary Clinton received 95 percent of the political contributions made by employees and executives of tech firms—from Silicon Valley, Clinton received 99 percent. Since 2004, employees of Alphabet-owned companies, including Google, have given over 90 percent of their political dollars to Democrats, and Amazon employees showed a similar pattern in their political contributions.
  • The leadership of these companies includes virtually no one with any military service.
  • Big Tech is moving beyond the battle of stopping you from expressing yourself—they are moving to the point that your thoughts will confirm to everyone else’s. As Big Tech becomes ever more powerful and its reach extends into more and more areas of human life, the battle for free expression is really the battle to be able to think for yourself.

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