Google Doodles

Selections from Google’s Search Page and Blogs
Date Google Says… Graphic
12/15/17 (Google’s ‘Arts and Culture’) Black History and Culture: Discover African-American art.
12/7/17 Pearl Harbor Day No Doodle
11/6/17 (Google Doodle) It is quite an achievement to leave a lasting legacy. Jackie Forster is known for two: first, for her charismatic TV news reporting; second, for her trailblazing gay rights activism.
10/16/17 (Google Doodle) Born in Nigeria, African writer and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano was sold into slavery as a boy. He braved the harsh conditions of the Middle Passage to the Caribbean and lived to tell his story… As the UK celebrates Black History Month, we wish a Happy 272nd Birthday to Olaudah Equiano!
1/23/17 (Google Doodle) Today’s Doodle pays tribute to an early leader of the disability rights movement, Ed Roberts.
1/20/17 Trump’s Inauguration Day No Doodle
2/15/16 (Google’s ‘Arts and Culture’) Amending America: Civil Rights and Individual Freedom. Explore selected stories about civil rights and individual freedoms.
2/1/2016 (Google’s ‘The Keyword’) Preserving and celebrating Black history, arts and culture.
6/26/15 (Google’s ‘Special Days’ Blog Post) YouTube and Google are proud to celebrate marriage equality #ProudtoLove.