Google Doodles are the seemingly spontaneous changes made to the Google logo to highlight certain events (e.g., birthdays, holidays). Doodles are seen billions of times a day by hundreds of millions of daily search users around the world.

While Google says it is a service for “everyone” what that really means is it’s a service that anyone may use, but that really caters to those on the political left. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Doodles, which focus on topics overwhelmingly of interest to those on the political left. Black history, disability rights, gender equality, gay rights – all covered in depth. Veterans Day or Memorial Day? Not so much. People that have battled for personal liberty and economic freedom – the sorts of freedoms that have enabled and protected the great wealth of Google’s founders? Not at all.

Google’s team of doodlers love doing Doodles for accomplished women, for authors, and for people born outside the US – but you won’t find one celebrating Ayn Rand, even though the Russian born novelist wrote Atlas Shrugged, which has been credited with being the second most influential book for Americans.

Summary of Selected Google Doodle Themes

(Includes Google Doodles published from September to December of 2017)

Theme of Celebration Total Number of Featured Doodles
Teacher’s Day 15
Non-U.S. Independence Days, Freedom Days, National Days 19
Non-U.S. Election Days, or Election-related Topics 8
Birthdays of Non-U.S. Citizens
(analyzed by Nationality)
Indian (SE Asia)= 13
Mexican= 7
German= 6
English= 3
Russian= 3
Spanish = 2
Nigerian = 2
The following nationalities were included once:
British, Arab, Dutch, Italian, Austrian, Australian, Chilean, Hungarian, Indonesian, Swiss, Turkish, Lebanese, Brazilian, Japanese, Norwegian

This Google Doodle was used to “honor” Veterans Day and caused quite the uproar. Many felt the oddly skewed version of the flag, and the obvious crescent at the bottom, alluded to the Islamic faith and were hateful and distasteful.

Other Doodle Disasters

  • Google says no to Easter Doodle for 17 consecutive years!
  • Google tries and fails to properly defend no Easter Doodle. Has Doodles for Jewish and Hindu holidays.
  • Google Doodles celebrates Marxist, Terrorist Sympathizer Yuri Kochiyama – admirer of bin Laden.
  • Google Doodles celebrate Remembrance Day, Snub US Veterans Day.
  • In 2007, Google Doodles featured the birthdays of international visionaries like the French inventor Louis Braille but completely slighted George Washington’s birthday.
  • D-Day 2016 was “commemorated” with a celebration of the invention of Tetris – yes, a video game.
  • It is terrifying to think Google wants their Doodles to be taught in public schools!

What to do?