Here at Groom Media, we're not academics. We don't produce a study like this just for the sake of discussion. We want to change things:

As we demonstrate with this study, the world of technology is overwhelmingly biased to the views of the political left. What those on the right and center need is an infrastructure that does not censor or discourage conservative or libertarian points of view. This is a huge task, but we want Groom Media to be a starting point in the movement to reflect the true diversity of American political and cultural opinion.

In order to do this, we're raising a fund to invest in the tech/media infrastructure to advance traditional cultural values and market-oriented economic points of view. You can donate to this through our Foundation for Sane Public Policy. In either case, you'll receive lots of interesting rewards commensurate with the level of donation. Contributions to the foundation are tax deductible.

We also have a membership service that for $9.95 a month provides a monthly book, tee shirt, or other product, as well as a unique chance to assume a leading role in helping conservatives develop leadership in media and political related technology. A key part of this service is the chance to engage directly with Groom Media to determine what programs and subject areas we focus on, and to provide feedback for the way our services work. For more information about Groom Media Memberships, click here.

Some of these ventures will be created within a for-profit structure; others will be not for profit. If you're interested in investing in the for-profit ventures, contact John Groom at john@groommedia.com

We've spent millions and years developing prototypes of ventures. For a list, click here.

Why Groom Media?

We have many years of experience in the political realm. More specifically:

  • We know how to get the mainstream media's attention.
  • We have the technical expertise, with one patent granted and others in the review process.
  • We’ve built large complex websites, and sophisticated apps.
  • We’ve created non-traditional politically oriented products like tee shirts.
  • We have the experience working with hundreds of contractors and employees around the world, keeping costs low and impact high.
  • We have the technical infrastructure, owning over a hundred domain names and sophisticated back end systems.
  • We have a vast library of intellectual property, including thousands of original images, original content, the code for complex apps, and much more.
  • We have data-driven processes for evaluating what works and what doesn’t and making changes accordingly.   And we understand that passive followers have no value; people must take action to create value.
  • We know how to build an audience using different tools. We have over 165,000 social media followers, we’ve managed many email lists, we’ve published a lot of conventional books, as well as ebooks and videos.


There are a lot of conservatives and libertarians giving money to causes to advance their political agenda. But as a general rule, they donate money to Republican political candidates or to policy think tanks like the Cato Institute or Heritage Foundation. None of this addresses the fact that tech companies really control the current means of political and cultural expression. Scholarly books, articles, and political speeches are nice, but simply not getting it done.

It's interesting to note that although conservatives believe in the profit motive and the power of for-profit businesses, almost all of their political expression has come through political donations or not-for-profit organizations, while the left has done a great job developing for-profit companies focused on tech and media. The power of profitability is real; Google and Amazon can access billions in investment capital, and, eventually, profits. That gives the companies, and their owners, almost endless funds to advance their causes, which is exactly what they do. Bezos buys The Washington Post; the founder of Salesforce buys Time magazine, Alphabet gives a billion dollars to left-wing causes. The budget of think tanks will never rival that of the successful for-profit companies. Even though the Cato Institute is explicitly focused on politics, there is no way they are going to reach the scale of Google's influence.

We need so much. A funding mechanism like Kickstarter for new projects. Social media that, unlike Twitter, doesn't kick us out, or get closed down like GAB. We need to take action, like the far better organized left does with social media such as #MeToo or the meetup movements. We need to be able to fight the cultural wars with real ammunition, like Netflix and Amazon. We need to be able to mobilize and express our real uncensored opinions. We need a technical infrastructure to control our own destiny.

If we don't do this, we simply cede victory to the left.

Do you think big tech is biased? Tell us how below.

If we use your suggestion in the study, and you provide us with an email address to contact you, we'll send you a free book