Small Giants Books Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big

: Bo Burlingham : Portfolio : March 27, 2007

This well-written book really captures the essence of entrepreneurialism. The ideas are not terribly unusual, but they help us, as entrepreneurs, articulate what we know to be true in our hearts. And that’s useful.

SummaryIn Small Giants, veteran journalist Bo Burlingham takes us deep inside fourteen remarkable companies that have chosen to march to their own drummer. They include Anchor Brewing, the original microbrewer; CitiStorage Inc., the premier independent records-storage business; Clif Bar & Co., maker of organic energy bars and other nutrition foods; Righteous Babe Records, the record company founded by singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco; Union Square Hospitality Group, the company of restaurateur Danny Meyer; and Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, including the world-famous Zingerman’s Deli of Ann Arbor.

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