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: Ian Tracey : January 07, 2014

This was one of the best TV dramas we’ve ever seen. It’s about a big time pot dealer based in Canada, but instead of a typical portrayal of some wheeling and dealing mobster, the lead is a family man who just happens to make a very good living selling drugs. The show is smart and sexy, and should never have been canceled, but you can still get it on DVD.

SummaryInformation is the most addictive drug of all.

“One of the smartest cop dramas in years” — The Vancouver Sun

“Smart. . .sexy. . .edgy” — The Toronto Star

This critically acclaimed drama from the creator of Da Vinci’s Inquest takes you deep inside the murky world of organized crime and the cops who keep tabs on it. As a dedicated father, respected businessman, and big-time drug smuggler, Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey) feels the heat from outlaw bikers muscling in on his territory. Mary Spalding (Klea Scott), the ruthlessly ambitious head of Vancouver’s organized crime unit, fears her rivals in the intelligence community more than she fears criminals. Together, Jimmy and Mary form an uneasy alliance that threatens to undo them both.

From Vancouver’s mean streets to its high-rise offices, Intelligence shows the shifty nature of undercover information-gathering, where your deadliest enemy can become your closest confidant and treachery is taken for granted.

DVD FEATURES INCLUDE behind-the-scenes clips, biography of series creator Chris Haddock, character descriptions, cast filmographies, and more.

Contains strong coarse language.

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