Friday Night Lights Movies

: Billy Bob Thornton, Lucas Black, Garrett Hedlund : Universal Pictures : October 8, 2004

Yes, it’s Friday in the middle of football season, so time for Friday Night Lights!

Although when we were young we were captain of our high school football team, now that we became adults we’re at a loss for why people spend so much time watching football.

But who cares what we think! It’s a fascinating cultural phenomena, especially in Texas.

You can see our review of the TV show here.

Both are based on the excellent book by BUZZ BISSINGER, a sportswriter. What becomes truly bizarre is when this writer developed an addiction for high-end designer clothing, in particular, Gucci. Cause if you wear Gucci pants to a high school football game in Texas, there’s a good chance only your corpse will be leaving the stadium.

This phenomena is alive and well, as documented today by Wall Street Journal sportswriter Jason Gay, who follows the best team in Texas in their $60 million dollar stadium, and their 700 person band.

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