Naked And Afraid Television

: Discovery Channel : Renegade 83 Entertainment : June 23, 2013

When I first came across this show, I thought it was just another of TV’s pathetic excuses to show people without clothes. But it actually serves a purpose; you’re reminded how hard life really is without modern conveniences, and how hard it is just to manage the daily basics, like finding food, staying warm, getting a decent night’s sleep, and fighting off the bugs. No, this isn’t great art, but it does remind you how far we’ve come in meeting life’s basic necessities.

SummaryIn each episode, a pair of strangers – one man and one woman – will find themselves stranded in and, quite literally, exposed to one of the world’s most extreme weather environments. These nude castaways must survive on their own for 21 days with no food, no water, and no clothes, testing everything they may think they know about their survival skills and instincts.

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