Tidying up with Marie Kondo Television

: Marie Kondo : Netflix : January 1st, 2019

This TV series from Netflix is a perfect, and practical, way to get your new year off to a good start.

Is your house a mess? Would you like to be more organized? Does all your stuff bring you joy? Or just get in the way?

First of all, you need to understand that Marie Kindo is a superstar in Japan; just think about that; becoming a rock star based on coming up with a clever way to clean out your house. There are a lot of paths to fame and fortune, and this woman found such a path based on something as dull as cleaning up. It doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty and charming; She’s also a bit of a nut – she talks to the clothes. But charming all the same.

How big a star is she? Netflix paid her to do a Programme for Americans – and she doesn’t speak English.

The couple in the first episode is stressed out over the normal stuff that stresses people out; working, raising kids, trying to have a life. This is a loving couple, just trying to make their life less chaotic. Follow the path to joy and sanity.

SummaryIn a series of inspiring home makeovers, world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo helps clients clear out the clutter — and choose joy.

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