Disclosure Movies Same Rules for Sexually Aggressive Ladies?

: Michael Douglas, Demi Moore : 1994

2018 was the year of Men Behaving Badly, or at least the disclosure of the stories. But this Disclosure was made in 1994, and shows a woman behaving badly. Same rules for both men and women in the office?

TranscriptCatherine Alvarez: No means no. Isn’t that what we tell women? Do men deserve less?

Meredith Johnson: Well, when he really wanted to stop, he didn’t seem to have any problems doing it, did he?

Catherine Alvarez: And that’s when you got angry.

Meredith Johnson: Of course I got angry. So would anyone.

Catherine Alvarez: Don’t we tell women that they can stop at any point?

Meredith Johnson: Haven’t you ever said no and meant yes, Mrs. Alvarez?

Catherine Alvarez: Up until the moment of actual penetration…

Meredith Johnson: [interrupting] The point is he was willing. That tape doesn’t change anything.

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