Lost! Books A Harrowing True Story of Disaster at Sea

: Thomas Thompson : Dec 2016

Can you imagine being trapped on a small boat, and fighting for your life, with a family member with whom you have the most fundamental disagreements about life, and how to survive?

Can you imagine being headed out to sea for a nice sail, then hitting such a storm that your life is suddenly at risk?

This riveting book is the true story of such a journey.

SummaryIn July 1973, Bob Tininenko; his wife, Linda; and his brother-in-law, Jim Fisher, set sail from Tacoma, Washington, on a thirty-one-foot trimaran down the West Coast to Costa Rica. The journey was expected to take a matter of weeks, but ten days into the cruise, the party encountered a freak storm off the coast of northern California. When gale-force winds and fifty-foot waves capsized their boat, the voyage became a nightmare.

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