80/20 Running Books Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower

: Matt Fitzgerald : 2014

Are you a runner? When training, do you really push yourself? Try to run as fast as possible? That would seem to make sense. But, like many things that might seem to make sense, it might not work.

This book argues that the best way to run faster is to train slower. That would not seem to make intuitive sense, but it has the best argument in the world going for it – empirical evidence. Runners around the world have tried all sorts of training methods, and mixing mostly slow runs with some fast ones seems to work best.

SummaryThis revolutionary training method has been embraced by elite runners – with extraordinary results – and now you can do it, too. Respected running and fitness expert Matt Fitzgerald explains how the 80/20 running program – in which you do 80 percent of runs at a lower intensity and just 20 percent at a higher intensity – is the best change runners of all abilities can make to improve their performance.

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