Educated Books A Memoir

: Tara Westover : Autobiography : February 2018

This is one of the few stories we’ve found so compelling that we read it in a single day. It’s the almost unbelievable tale of a young woman who went from working in her father’s junkyard in Idaho to earning a doctorate; in a family in which there was basically no formal schooling, yet 3 of the 7 children earned doctorates – while the other 4 didn’t graduate from high school.

But perhaps the most interesting quote from the book is this “I didn’t want to be Horatio Alger in someone’s tear-filled homage to the American Dream. I wanted my life to make sense”.

And isn’t that what we all want – our lives to make sense?

SummaryTara Westover wasn’t your garden variety college student. When the Holocaust was mentioned in a history class, she didn’t know what it was (no, really). That’s because she didn’t see the inside of a classroom until the age of seventeen.

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