Wild Indonesia Television

: Dan Nachtrab, Nadine Tayar : National Geographic Wild

Mostly here at Indo Art House, we focus on art and travel in the cultural centers of Indonesia, like Bali and Java. But Indonesia also has some amazing wildlife, featured in this program.

SummaryThe 17,000 islands that comprise the nation of Indonesia stretch more than 3,000 miles along the equator, bridging Asia and Australasia. Indonesia’s natural habitats vary widely. On some islands, tropical forests climb from steamy lowlands to mountain slopes. On others, parched savannah thrives. Coral reefs line thousands of tranquil atolls, while relentless waves batter rocky cliffs on other shores. In Papua, the mountains reach so high that permanent ice caps top their peaks, surrounded by barren alpine tundra. These wildly ranging habitats are home to an incredible number and diversity of living creatures – this iconic and landmark series is a celebration of Indonesia’s most spectacular locations and incredible wildlife.

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